Details on the New DualShock 4 Controller

controlAs expected, the latest iteration of the controller for the PlayStation console, the DualShock 4, was revealed. We have listed what we believe to be its three most exciting features.

Integration of Motion Light Strip:

playstation4-wireless-controller-3The light bar, which is located on the rear of the controller, will be designed to function with the PS4’s stereo camera. It will also enable the console to locate the position of the player holding the controller. The light strip will be able to change color to provide differentiation of controllers during team games.

The Share Button:

6d3c5e1984b685da0d255ae1c09f371af1aa5a36.jpg__939x820_q85The new DualShock controller features the new ‘Share’ button. This button gives the player access to the PS4’s social network capabilities, such as being able to take screenshots of the current game being played, or the ability to broadcast games that the player is playing, or even giving another player remote control of the game.

The Touchpad:

630ebf3d61a3d050f4240fa5e81b75757350095b.jpg__939x820_q85Arguably, the most exciting feature on the new controller is the addition of a touchpad. It is located on the front of the controller, in between the face buttons and the directional pad. It is speculated that it will be similar in use to the touch pad that is integrated on the back of PlayStation Vita.


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